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Lesbian Book Club

I’ve decided to go ahead with the lesbian book club idea.  For our first book, we’ll be reading Stir Fry, by Emma Donoghue.  This book should (I hope!) be at your local library, and if not it’s also available in paperback.  You can also sign up at BookMooch and see if anyone’s giving away a copy.  I will post here each time we’re reading a new book in hopes that new people will find us, but if you’re interested in reading with us now or in the future, please e-mail me at and I’ll put you on the list for book club news.  Signing up to get e-mails is not a commitment of any kind, just showing that you’re interested and want to be updated.  Keep in mind:

  • This is a no-guilt book club.  If you don’t want to read a certain book, can’t find it at your library, don’t have time, or try to start and don’t finish, that’s fine!  Anyone who does finish a book, or even reads part of it (and doesn’t mind being spoiled) can join in the discussion (message board or chat, I haven’t decided that part yet).  Anyone else is welcome to “lurk.”
  • I want to give everyone time to read, so we’ll be operating on a two month schedule at first (that may be tweaked if necessary).  We’ll start discussing this book in late August
  • Please feel free to link this post with friends who might be interested or on your blog.  Everyone is welcome!

Lesbian Book Club, yae or nae?

Would anyone be interested in joining an online lesbian book club?  There would be a book every, let’s say, two months, and then we could talk about it either using a listserv or chat room (or both).  I’d try to pick titles that are likely to be easy to find, so you might be able to participate for free by checking the books out from the library.  If you think you’d be interested, comment to this post.  Also, let me know if you like doing just lesbian-themed books, or if you’d be more interested in a more general women’s/feminist/lesbian theme.  I’ll be asking around on my favourite lesbian and feminist blogs and linking back to this post as well.