You’re Not Alone: A Video Project for Queer Youth

There’s been a lot of talk about the It Gets Better project and how “It Gets Better” is mostly true for cis-gendered, white, gender conforming, able bodied, middle-class gay and lesbian youth.  This is an alternative project aimed at youth for whom it very well may NOT get better.

The You’re Not Alone Project asks for video contributions from everyone, but especially those who are queer, trans, genderqueer, gender nonconforming, people of color, immigrants, disabled, or any other often-ignored part of the queer umbrella. The message is not that it gets better, but that queer youth are not alone.  We’re a large, diverse community that can offer support and understanding, even when change is slow in coming.

To participate, upload a short video (less than 10 minutes) to the video service of your choice.  The goal is to communicate your own experiences in your own “words”–speaking, singing, signing, using art, dance, whatever medium you prefer–with the theme You Are Not Alone.  All languages and means of communication are encouraged.  Focus on queer youth in general or on a particular population.  You might tell a story, talk about your identity or your community, or provide resources for support.  Don’t forget to tag your video with You’re Not Alone and any keywords that are relevant.  Once you’ve uploaded, submit your link to me at one of the following:



Google Plus



You can also e-mail the link to yourenotalonevideos [at] gmail [dot] com.

If interest is high, I will buy a domain for the project and post an index of all these videos on the web.  Please reblog and share widely!  This won’t work unless we get a diversity of voices to contribute.


About Avory

Avory Faucette is a queer feminist activist, writer, and public speaker. Zie graduated from the University of Iowa with a JD in 2009, focusing on international human rights and gender/sexuality issues in the law. Hir current work focuses on queer identity, policy, and marginalized identities under the queer umbrella. As a genderqueer person, zie comments frequently on non-binary identity, transgender and genderqueer issues, and media coverage of these populations. Zie also speaks at colleges, universities, and events on transgender and queer issues and conducts trainings on related topics.

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  1. Just as an additional suggestion– can there also be an accompanying effort to include transcripts and/or captions with all these videos if at all possible? Either provided by the original video makers, or by volunteers?

    This has been one of the biggest faults of It Gets Better, IMO… so many videos are inaccessible to a good subset of the population being addressed. Not just deaf and hard-of-hearing people. People who are technically hearing but have a hard time understanding speech. Non-native speakers. People who can’t play the videos in a coercive environment for fear of being overheard. People who are forced to use a public computer with no speakers.

    • Definitely, and I agree! I have a particular interest in this because I sign and Deaf/HoH rights are important to me, but you’re right that it affects a much larger group than just those who can’t hear. I am happy to transcribe as many videos as I can personally, and if this thing takes off, I will put out a call for volunteers. Of course, anyone who wants to transcribe their own video is more than welcome 🙂

  2. I will definitely be participating in this. What a great opportunity for everyone involved!

  3. I just discovered this, and I think it’s an awesome idea. I’ve also noticed it’s about 2 years old.
    Is this still going as a project? Are you still collecting videos?
    I’m likely to record one and post it online anyway, but it’d be nice to know that it would be shared around.

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