Off to save abortion this weekend

Or something like that.  I’ll be in Sioux Falls with the ACLU, canvassing and doing other exciting stuff.  It’s the first pro-choice thing I’ve done since working with the Emma Goldman Clinic on Medicaid reform.  If you’re interested in financial access to abortion, you might check out this post on “Contraceptive Choice and Class.”  And then there’s this quick hit from Feministe, which mentions an 8th circuit decision on abortion in SD, as well as addressing the argument that abortion is necessarily harmful.  See you on the flip side!

About Avory

Avory Faucette is a queer feminist activist, writer, and public speaker. Zie graduated from the University of Iowa with a JD in 2009, focusing on international human rights and gender/sexuality issues in the law. Hir current work focuses on queer identity, policy, and marginalized identities under the queer umbrella. As a genderqueer person, zie comments frequently on non-binary identity, transgender and genderqueer issues, and media coverage of these populations. Zie also speaks at colleges, universities, and events on transgender and queer issues and conducts trainings on related topics.

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  1. Hi, I just came across your blog and wanted to say hello from one Jewish lesbian scholar to another. Come visit me sometime at Sublimefemme Unbound.

    L’Shana Tovah!

  2. That is amazing what you’re doing, keep up the great work!

  3. alesbianandascholar

    Thanks, Holly! It can be quite empowering 🙂

  4. alesbianandascholar

    Hey, sublimefemme! A late L’Shana Tovah to you, too, haha. Things got a bit piled up in the moderation queue on my South Dakota trip, but I’m glad you’re reading and I’ll check out your blog as well.

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